Atticus Says “Hi”

This is Atticus, our 6 year old registered American Alpine Buck.  Atticus would like to find a new farm to live on where he can have more girl friends than he is allowed here.  He is closely related to most of our does and as I have explained to him many times, we just don’t get to fornicate with close relatives.  No, he doesn’t understand, but he agrees that a new farm would give him a better opportunity to strut his stuff, spread his manliness around and enjoy more feminine attentions.

Atticus is well behaved, but does need good fences.  He’s never been aggressive toward humans and I can lead him easily…although I would really prefer not to this time of year as he has “perfumed” himself quite nicely….which is attractive to the girls, but not to me, much as he’d like to think I am impressed by it.

I’m not.

He can be traded for a pile of money, about $300 dollars would do it, along with a warm shed or barn and a nice pasture with lots of grass or weeds. Atticus has been a great buck, producing really nice daughters and sons and I want to make sure he goes to a new farm that loves him and will keep his feet trimmed, keep him wormed, etc .


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