Cold Winter Dry Skin Care

Many parts of the country are experiencing record-breaking cold temperatures right now and here in Virginia, we’re experiencing that cold, dry air too. Winter weather used to mean that my hands, which spend a lot of time in water, washing milk buckets, water troughs, and general cleaning both indoors and out, would become raw, red, cracked and bleeding and they HURT! Well, those severely dry hands are a thing of the past since I got rid of commercial, detergent-based soaps and started using hand made goats milk soaps. The vitamins, minerals, fats, and oils in hand-made, cold-processed soaps don’t suck moisture out of my skin, and in fact, actually add moisture back in every time I wash my hands. And when I add a nice goats milk lotion or salve over freshly washed hands, VIOLA! Comfort at last!

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Love Spells Goat Milk Soap
Neem Salve
Neem Salve


What fun! I finally got some of the colors I ordered in the mail. They are beautiful. Can’t wait to try them. I snapped a picture of them, plus a portion of my essential oil and fragrance collection, a freshly unmolded divider log mold, and shelves in my soap room with boxes of soap arranged alphabetically , with a sample bar in front of each box. Nope, it’s not pretty at this point, but it’s functional and easy to find soaps for my orders and customers have an easy time of picking soaps out. Now, I’d like my NEW soap room/shop to

be much more sophisticated. Anyone have any ideas for sprucing up my shelves with storage space that will protect as well as display my soaps?

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