Our Dog Chloe, All Grown Up…Almost

Dog Picked Up Out Of The Road As a Puppy

This is Chloe.  Back in the spring of this year my daughter and I were driving to an early morning farmers market to sell soap, about 2 weeks after having to put our labrador, Onyx down, when we saw two tiny puppies in the road.

One puppy was huddled up on top of the other, shivering and trying to get comfort from the poor little pup underneath that had been hit by a car and was dead.  We gathered up the live puppy and moved the dead one off of the road into the grassy ditch.

We named our little “road kill” puppy Chloe, just because we couldn’t think of anything else, and this is her now.  Mostly grown up.

To pay us back for saving her life and getting rid of the hundreds of fleas and ticks she was infested with, she has made it her personal job to escape the fence every single day and pick up all the litter along side the road and bring it home to us as “gifts”.

I do appreciate the gesture, but honestly, we have enough trash here already.  And the road is dangerous, and she really doesn’t need to temp fate any more than she has already.

So we fixed the fence and made it Chloe-proof.  We hope.  When we put up the fence we were mostly concerned about making it goat-proof, not realizing that Chloe just sees a fence as a minor impediment to her “litter gathering” duties.

She can make herself as flat as a pancake, or as skinny as a toothpick, and get under, through, or around, just about anything.

She really doesn’t like to be in the house for more than a little while.  Besides picking up litter, she has also hired herself out to be Malachi’s personal exerciser, and she takes that job almost as seriously as she does her litter patrol job.

Poor Malachi stays exhausted, but well exercised, all of the time.  His barker still works though, and that’s what keeps the goat-eating preditors away.


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