Whoowwiee I Love This Fog!

It’s been cold as Alaska the past few days and nights. (Yes, I am exaggerating). I’m grateful to have a nice wood stove in this old drafty farmhouse. 20 degrees is much to cold for this chicken, that’s for sure. If I close off the unused parts of the house I can get a good cedarwood and oak fire to spike the air temperature all the way up to 80…sometimes more. When it’s 20 degrees outside, 80 degrees inside this old farmhouse feels wonderful.


Last night the cold weather broke with the incoming rain, and so this morning we’ve got fog so dense that driving is treacherous…..sure am glad I don’t have to go anywhere until this evening…I hope. Well, I do have to go out later to ship soap orders, but I will wait until the fog lifts. No hurry on that.

Today is soap felting day, once the weekends orders are packed up. The animals may need more hay but so far they are still munching on last nights hay piles.

Don’t know what felted soaps are? Well, below are a few pictures of soaps that I have felted over the past few weeks. Felting the soaps creates a soap and washcloth in one, makes the soap easier to grip, and soaps will last longer in their felt covering. As the soap is used, the wool covering shrinks along with it and when it’s all used up you will be left with a small wool pouch that can be filled with soap scraps and used to scrub the sink, bathtub, yourself, etc.

You can find our soaps in our Etsy shop, or PM me for if you are local to Lynchburg Va and I can help you find our soaps in the area.

I wish you all a blessed day!

A few bars of our regular soaps after felting.
A soap cake ready for cutting and curing.


A Sea Salt and Agave felted soap cake. Mmmm, this one smells lovely.

Some random bars of various felted soap cakes.


A few felted soap hearts.
A felted soap cake in the delicious Christmas Cookie scent.

So Much Rain! And Sleet! And other Yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky Stuff.

This is supposed to be our last winter storm. They said it will knock our socks off. Personally, I need my socks ON to even TRY and stay warm… Trudging through 4 inches of mud in the pig pasture to bring more bedding hay inside the shed for my sweet 700 pound Priscilla meant that my socks got wet and my feet are stinky. But Miss Prissy is warm and dry….well, dry anyway, and covered in hay…I’m not sure anybody is warm today.

I’m okay with this rain today. By this evening the temps will drop 20 degrees and the rain will turn to sleet and then snow. We might not be able to get out of our driveway tomorrow. Next week’s forecast is calling for sun and higher temperatures, so this rain and cold winter weather is but a bump in the road. I’ve decided to like it.

Hank and Frank...two dumb roosters who wouldn't come out of the freezing rain. They are now inside until they are dry.
Hank and Frank…two dumb roosters who wouldn’t come out of the freezing rain. They are now inside until they are dry. Hank is quite tame, as this is his second foray into the world of climate control after a bout of extreme dumbness and possible brain damage from refusing to come into the coop out of the brutal wind and sub-zero temperatures we had a couple of weeks ago. Hank and Frank both have frostbitten combs. Hank is mostly Rhode Island Red, and Frank is Rhode Island Red with a smidgen of silky somewhere his background. He has really pretty silky red feathers. Both need new homes as my dominate roo does not like either one…although they are his children.
Our yard. This is the shallow end.
Jetaime (one of our milkers), and Wedgy (the brown wether with the white face behind her). Eating hay and watching the rain come down. When I walked inside they were all laying down but refused to allow me to take a picture of them like that.
Most of the herd inside munching hay. Malachai, their guardian is afraid of the camera. Silly dog. He thinks it will steal his soul.
A pile of wood waiting to go into the woodstove. The only remedy for a cold and miserable day.
Ahhhh, a nice warm fire.
Foxy Brown. She reminds me of a wolf dog. She’s the sweetest dog in the world though.
Happy Dog. Doing his favorite activity besides eating…sleeping.

Cold Winter Dry Skin Care

Many parts of the country are experiencing record-breaking cold temperatures right now and here in Virginia, we’re experiencing that cold, dry air too. Winter weather used to mean that my hands, which spend a lot of time in water, washing milk buckets, water troughs, and general cleaning both indoors and out, would become raw, red, cracked and bleeding and they HURT! Well, those severely dry hands are a thing of the past since I got rid of commercial, detergent-based soaps and started using hand made goats milk soaps. The vitamins, minerals, fats, and oils in hand-made, cold-processed soaps don’t suck moisture out of my skin, and in fact, actually add moisture back in every time I wash my hands. And when I add a nice goats milk lotion or salve over freshly washed hands, VIOLA! Comfort at last!

Our Soap Shop On Etsy

Love Spells Goat Milk Soap
Neem Salve
Neem Salve

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