Washing Machine Complaint

I just realized this morning that I have not complained about my new washing machine in quite some time.  And this machine sooooo deserves ample complaint.  I’ve really slacked.  Today, we do not need MORE goods and appliances, we need BETTER QUALITY goods and appliances.  Spending $600 dollars on a machine that leaves clothes looking worse coming out than going in is hardly what I had in mind when I decided to go with this new “High Efficiency” machine.

The machine in question is a Maytag Centennial High Efficiency machine that is two years old and cleans clothes worse than the broken machine it replaced.  The spin cycle is wonderfully quiet and doesn’t shake the house at all.  But that is the only thing good I can say about the machine.  And looking back, we should have returned it right away, instead of me thinking I just didn’t know how to operate it and trying different solutions and cycles and expensive detergents.  It’s out of warranty now, of course.

Here is a pair of pants I pulled out of the washer this morning.  This is normal.  This is everyday.  This is highly annoying!


High Efficiency Washing Machines…Worth Their Weight in Mud?

We had been in the market for a new washing machine for a couple of years.  No impulse buying here!  We had looked high and low and finally decided on one of those new high-efficiency machines that use less water, and holds more clothes. They don’t have one of those big plastic things in the middle either…so less chance of tearing up straps and pull strings on our laundry.

Lowes had a big sale on one of the machines we had been keeping an eye on, so we bought it.

Our other machine had taken to rocking so bad it felt like the house was falling down, it left lint on the laundry and didn’t hold a lot of clothes in the basket.

Our new machine spins like butter…no rocking, no shaking, nothing.  In fact, we don’t even know when it’s spinning.  But, that’s about the ONLY good thing I can say about it.

I have found that the only clothes it gets really clean are clothes that are ALREADY clean…like new stuff you just bought and want to wash before you wear it.

It does hold MORE laundry, but the more you put in, the dirtier they come out.

There is no lint filter, so certain clothes, like CG’s work clothes and my black corduroy pants come out covered in white fuzz.  In fact, on CG’s clothes, the lint collects in “smears” that look like they were poured on.  Yes, it’s lint, not soap.

Forget to add an item?  Well, you can’t just open the lid and add it, you have to first cancel the cycle, which takes much more than the 3 seconds it’s supposed to, and then add it.

Want to fill the machine up with water and then add clothes for a pre-soak?  Forget it, this machine will absolutely NOT allow a user to do that.  I’m sorry, but I AM smarter than my machine, and if I want to waste water and fill up my machine, dammit, I want to be able to do it!!!!

Far as I know, especially based on the fact that we use washing machines to CLEAN our clothes, they themselves should remain absolutely spotless and sweet smelling all the time.  This machine?  Hardly.  It actually has a “clean” cycle on it that a person must run now and then to keep it from smelling to high heavens.  I use a lot of bleach with the laundry….can’t imagine why this machine would get so foul with the constant running of soap, water and bleach going through it.

Have horses?  Have dirty horse blankets?  Well, don’t think you are going to be able to wash them in a high-efficiency machine and actually get them clean.  Nope they will come out exactly as they went in….the dirt will just be moved around a little bit. It’ll all still be there though.  And even just washing one at a time, parts of the blanket will still be dry.  And none of the smell will be gone.  None.

So, all in all, I would say I could get my clothes a whole lot cleaner just by hanging them up outside in the rain, soap or no, or even just by putting them back in the closet after they are worn instead of putting them in the laundry basket.

Yep, a pile a good garden dirt is worth a whole lot more than this machine.

Anyone else out there love their new high-energy machine as much as I do?

Any tips for making it work better and overriding the mechanism that keeps it from filling up with water?

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We’ve got WATER!

Getting heat and electricity in the house were exciting I’ll admit.  But without water, we still could not move any of the animals to the farm.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Lots of sun, and temperatures warm enough to un-freeze anything that was froze, and prevent freezing of the pipes if we actually got water into them.

"old pump house"
The old pump house. The big lid comes completely off the top. It's full of holes and water had been leaking into it for years.

We got the big heavy lid off the well house and then fumbled around with the jumbled mess of wires and wet insulation inside the house and sort of figured out where most everything went, or didn’t go.

Then I got to be the well watcher while CG went inside the house and flipped the breaker.



No click, no noise, no water gushing through pipes.  Not a thing.  Which was a good thing because the valves to the washing machine were open.

CG got excited and turned on the hot water heater.

But, there wasn’t any water in it yet.

Sometimes things do need to be done in a certain order….

He flipped the breaker off and on, off and on.  Nothing, nothing, nothing.  We turned it back off, and turned off the hot water heater too.

We played with the wires, noting what a bad job the previous electrician had done, wires were going everywhere.

We put it all back together and were just about to look up a water pump specialist when CG decided to fool with the switch one more time…I didn’t know what he was doing, but as I was standing beside the well I heard a click and then the  sound of water running!

It took another hour but eventually we figured out how to get water into the house.  Once the hot water tank filled up we turned that back on….and  waited a while.  CG figured the element had burned up, but nope, we’ve got hot water now too!  The water was  filled with black goop, brown sand, bug fragments, etc. but it’s WATER and it’s IN THE HOUSE!.  What more could we ask for at this point?    We’ve got a leak in the bathroom , under the sink,  and there is blue water puddling beside  the toilet, but it’s water.  And we’re happy. And we’re really happy it didn’t freeze last night because we still need to insulate more pipes.

But, for the first time ever I didn’t have to go out into the woods to use the bathroom!

It was truly a momentous day on the new Shantara Acres Farm.

After that we went grocery shopping.  CG had no idea how much groceries cost these days, especially since I only know how to cook a few things like ribs and pot roast.  So, because I refuse to cook ramen noodles every night, and tomatoes now cost $3 dollars a piece, we’ve decided to really tighten our garden and home meat-raising ideas down.

I might even have him talked into cutting off chicken heads so we can pack our freezer full of chickens.

We’ll see how that idea pans out.

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