I Spilled My Manure Tea

It had been steeping for nearly a month.

I’m devastated.

And disgusted.

Not sure which I’m most of.

In any case I no longer have to worry about how to strain it.

The bad part is that the bucket was right beside what is left of the back deck.

Somehow or another, my water hose got moved to behind the bucket….right before I broke the lawnmower and couldn’t mow there anyway.

I got it mixed up with an electric cord and when I pulled on it, since it was behind the bucket…the hose came, spilling the bucket and it’s entire contents.  I was worried about burning my plants with it. I guess I’ll soon see if the grass turns yellow in that spot.

Or maybe it will become the most beautiful green three-foot section on the entire planet.

Well, I guess I get to start my tea all over.  But this time, I’ll use COMPOSTED manure, not FRESH manure.  I at least learned that much.

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